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My epic 14-post photostory collection detailing my 2 week trip to Japan is now up! Culled down from over 5,500 photos from my Sony RX1R, I built this new photoblog for it.


Canyon Storms by Don Smith

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Any examples of good photoblogs?

Thinking I need to redo mine


A rollercoaster relocated to the ocean by Superstorm Sandy

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First-Time Startup Entrepreneurs: Stop Fucking Around
My TechCrunch guest post :)


First, second or serial entrepreneurs should take the time to read this article by Paul Stamatiou of Picplum.  To often our entire process gets tripped up by focusing on the wrong things, letting our mood dictate our plans, or allowing indecisiveness creep in.  

You can be so bad at so many things… and as long as you stay focused on how you’re providing value to your users and customers, and you have something that is unique and valuable… you get through all that stuff.- Mark Zuckerberg

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Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Iceland


Why don’t all the events have lighting like fencing? Tell me gymnastics wouldn’t be better with a laser floor.

omgosh i want one

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To Tumblr, Love Metalab